7 March 2011

Mac Monday: Copperplate eyeshadow

This is going to be my last Mac Monday post.  I know, don't mourn too deeply.  I have come to the end of all my Mac products, and as I have no plans to buy any more in the future (unless an amazing new Paint Pot shade is released) I will return to normal posts on Mondays.  My final Mac post is dedicated to their Copperplate eyeshadow, which was my first Mac eyeshadow and probably my favourite of every eyeshadow I own.

Here it is in its natural habitat, looking a little worse for wear, having recently been dropped from a considerable height.

Copperplate is part of the permanent collection, and is a matte finish.  It's described on the Mac website as a muted mid-tone grey, which I agree with, but it's very much a brown-grey rather than a blue-grey.  It really compliments any taupe or brown shade, and I usually wear it with a brown or grey eyeliner for the daytime. 

Swatched, heavily on the left, sheer on the right:

It looks more taupe than grey in this picture, and I think that's a fair representation of the colour (on my skintone, anyway).

I absolutely love Copperplate - it's my go-to shadow when I can't think of what to wear or can't be bothered to spend much time on my face.  Which, frankly, is often.

What are your favourite Mac shadows?

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