6 March 2011

Nude Clarifying Water


As you know, I've been on a mission this year to stick to a thorough skincare routine, having spent much of my life doing little damage with a pack of baby wipes and some light moisturiser.  The sweet irony is, though, that my skin has never looked worse.  This can be attributed to a couple of changes in lifestyle, but I'm also choosing to lay a lot of the blame at the door of this, the Nude Clarifying Water.  It's a toner, which I picked up based on its promise of reducing pore size and clearing up congested skin.  Plus I like that it's a natural product that's suitable for oily skin.

Let's start with the positives.  I love the packaging.  It's a lovely pale mauve colour, in a plastic, but sturdy, bottle with a pump applicator, which I love.

The product itself has the consistency and feel of water, and is slightly cooling on the skin.  I love the smell too - Orange Blossom, Vanilla and a little sharpness.  Colour-wise, it looks a bit like very pale olive oil, if that makes sense?  Here, I have demonstrated:

Anyway, so that's all the good stuff.  But.  But, but but.  Considering this toner is meant to be natural, I find it incredibly harsh, so much so that it stings a bit on application.  I can't say it's done anything at all to help with my oiliness, and it certainly hasn't set to work on my craters of pores, and it's actually made me break out quite badly.  Someone on Twitter mentioned they too had suffered badly after using a Nude product - has this happened to you?  I've been using it for four weeks now, and after the initial breakout (I know it's the toner because I didn't change anything else in my routine) I thought my skin would calm down.  But it hasn't.  It's just got a bit worse.  And, because I am nothing if not a masochist, here is a picture of my bare face (and rabbit-in-a-headlight eyes because of the flash).

Pretty nice, right?!  My skin is really quite red and distressed, especially across the cheeks, and my chin has become a campsite for all manner of spots, not to mention the lovely one under my eye.

Overall, I'm really disappointed.  At £14, this was a very expensive mistake.  I've used about half the bottle, and, despite hating the waste, I think I owe it to my skin to give it up now.  Sad.

Have you had any experience with Nude skincare?  Or do you have any recommendations for a good toner?


  1. Aww bless! You have beautiful green eyes. Shame about the Toner. I've used Molton Brown Skinbalance Toning Lotion for years and I love it. You might want to try Melvita (French) or Lavera (German) I think they do some gently toners too.

  2. What a shame is has broken you out. I haven't tried anything from Nude so I cant comment. But I've always imagined Nude to be really gentle and natural as the name suggests ;o(

    If I can, I will buy high end skincare from QVC. That way if I hate it or my skin reacts badly, it goes straight back to them and I get my hard earned money back! Everyone has made mistakes like this, so don't feel too bad. What about something like the Liz Earle Skin Tonic? Or the Tea Tree toner from Lush?

  3. Obviously it's impossible to tell from one photograph, but have you considered rosacea? It may be that this product has flared it up.

  4. my favourite toner is the liz earle one, its so soft and kind. i think your skin will love it after what happened with this one xxx