1 March 2011

What's in my make-up bag?

I was high time I got round to doing this post, so here it is.

My make-up bag that I carry/lug around is this black leather one from Mulberry.  It was a birthday present from a very lovely gentleman three years ago, and has not been unused since. 

It's got the classic twist-lock clasp, and despite not looking that big, fits absolutely loads in it.  Which is handy, because I appear to have quite a lot of stuff lurking in there...

Hmm....it's amazing the amount of products that end up in your make-up bag, despite my concerted attempts to keep it pared down.  Let's start with the basics.

Four lipbalms.  WHY?  The one I use the most is the Chapstick.  I am obsessed with Chapstick.  It knocks all other lipbalms out of the park, including the Lanolips 101 ointment, which is some heavy duty stuff there.  Basically, Chapstick and I will spend long and happy lives together, despite my occasional dalliances with others.

Elf Translucent Powder.  I love the compact, but don't love the powder.  It's...ok.  But I have ongoing problems with extra and excess shine, seemingly at all times, and this powder just isn't enough of a match for my t-zone.  However, at £3.50, it's not a bad product at all.  Otherwise up there we have Mac brow pencil in Fling, a Benefit It Stick concealer and a Nails Inc Vitamin E cuticle oil pen, which I reviewed here.

Five eyeliners.  This selection is designed to see me through a day at work (the two Gosh ones and the Miss Sporty brown one) and then one liquid and one smoky powder (best liner ever) for evenings.  Or days at work, if I'm feeling so inclined. 

Finally, an embarassing clutter of lip products.

A complete mix of stuff.  Lipsticks from Natural Collection, RMK, 17, Mac and NYX, a lovely gloss from Jemma Kidd, two lips pencils from Gosh and Nars and a lip stain from Laura Mercier. 

And there we have it.  A lot more than I thought I had stashed in there, and this have provided the perfect opportunity for a clear out.  Which, judging by this post, won't last that long.


  1. The contents of your make up bag made me smile, as that's just what my make up bag would look like if I carried it around with me. I can't just have one of everything I need, I need to have a selection of this and a collection of that as you just never know do you. I tend to just throw a couple of concealers and a selection of lipsticks in my handbag. I know if I started using a make up bag then I would not be able to restrain myself and just keep a few essentials in there. Jude xx @jadlgw

  2. Great post :)

    Just discovered your blog - love it. Following now :)



  3. Great post! Gorgeous make up bag btw.