20 April 2011

25 Things I Do When I'm On My Own

I have borrowed this idea from Kelly over at Kelanjo.  Love her blog.  Take a peek if you haven't already.

1. Give myself a thorough pedicure
2. Wear a hair mask all day, possibly with a shower cap over the top
3. Listen to rap music loudly and attempt to rap all the words
4. Have showers that last about half an hour
5. Eat pickled cucumbers and mustard on crackers
6. Sit in the bathroom and look out the window at people walking by
7. Watch E! news and assorted American reality shows
8. Shave my legs
9. Keep a radio or TV on in several rooms as I don't like complete silence when I'm on my own.  Sonos is my dream
10. Take photos for the blog
11. Record and delete videos (potentially for You Tube, not sure yet)
12. Shopping.  Not a fan of shopping with others
13. Read my way through the piles of magazines over the house
14. If I'm out and about on my own, I will always be listening to my iPod.  ALWAYS
15. Try out sample sachets of foundations from magazines.  Invariably, they're the wrong colour so it doesn't matter if nobody sees me
16. Fall asleep with the light on
17. Pluck my eyebrows
18. Continue working my way through my Ally McBeal boxset (GOD she's annoying but I love the show)
19. Look at properties I can't afford online
20. Organise and re-organise my chest of drawers
21. Laundry (challenging myself to get through it all in a day, such is the exciting life I lead)
22. Paint my nails
23. Sort through my make-up and try bits and pieces on, no matter if it goes together
24. Get into bed really early and surround myself with magazines, laptop, snacks and nail polish and just....
25. ...enjoy it

As Kelly said, if you'd like to use this idea on your blog, post the link in her comments so she can see them.  And in mine too!

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