11 April 2011

All For Eve lipstick

I never need an excuse to buy a new lipstick, particularly a new red lipstick.  Few things are guaranteed to give me a little boost and make me smile, and whilst lipstick is definitely one of them, helping other people is another.  All For Eve gives me, and you, the opportunity to get both pick-me-ups in one go.  The Eve Appeal is a gynaecological cancer charity set up by two men personally affected by the disease, and as part of their fundraising and awareness, a capsule cosmetics and skincare collection has been created by leading brands and make up artists.

This lipstick was created by the rather brilliant Daniel Sandler.  Man, does he make a good red.
 Nice, sleek packaging that houses a very vibrant red with pink undertones.  It's extremely pigmented and moisturising, and applies beautifully. 
 I would imagine this shade is universally flattering, which makes it even better.  I've swatched it here in the middle of Mac Ramblas Red (top) and Brave Red (bottom).  I think this brings out the pink tones even more.
And here it is on my lips. 
I absolutely love it, and am so glad I bought it.  I'm even happier that in doing so, I've done a little bit to help other women who need help more than I need lipstick. 

Buy it, and other All For Eve products, here.  I guarantee it'll be the best £10.50 you've spent in a long time.


  1. What a lovely red! Looks super bright, which i love!

  2. Ooh, that looks lush! Pinky toned reds suit me better than any other.