12 April 2011

Empties of 2011: Vol 3

I'm really powering through a lot of products that have been sitting around waiting to be used up!  Here's lot number three:

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner - I was actually using this as my daily conditioner for about two weeks, due to a freak fortnight of ridonk-a-donkalously dry and frazzled hair.  It did the trick wonderfully.  Love this stuff.  Will repurchase for sure.

Sure Natural Minerals deodorant - pretty boring, but very much a daily essential.  I get quite sensitive underarms, due to daily/every other day shaving, and this deodorant not only did the job re: the 'ladies' glow' situation, but also stopped any skin irritation.  Thoroughly recommend.  Would buy again.

Miscellaneous perfume - this was a present from my parents from France.  Smelt lovely and floral but towards the end of the bottle, smelled distinctly of alcohol, and not in the good way.  Nice, but couldn't even find the name of the company so couldn't repurchase even if I wanted to :$

Alberto Balsam shampoo - Papaya & Mango I think.  Great basic shampoo for dry hair.  Smelt divine.  Worked wonders in conjunction with the Aussie conditioner.  Love.

Chapstick lipbalm - the Medicated variety, AKA the Mack Daddy of all lipbalms.  Am never without a tube of this.   Literally never.  Apart from now.  Because I've run out.  Oh.

Mac brow pencil - in Fling.  The perfect colour for me.  A recent discovery.  Must blog about this in full.  Soon.

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