1 April 2011

Illamasqua Bacterium

I am sure by now most, if not all, of you will be familiar with this polish. Illamasqua's Bacterium was released about a month ago as part of the S/S '11 Collection, Toxic Nature.

Bacterium is one of 5 new nail polishes released, and the one that really caught my eye. I ordered this from ASOS and paid £13.50 for it, which is more than I normally would spend on a nail polish but this colour is so beautiful and I haven't seen anything else like it. It's also my first item from Illamasqua - I know, I really need to keep up!

So here it is applied:

This is one coat - I fount it ever so slighy draggy to apply but it covers evenly and is opaque in one coat. The colour is difficult to describe but I'm going with an 'oyster taupe'. The base is a light taupe and then there's a blue iridescence that runs through it. It's just amazing.

How well it wears remains to be seen as I only applied it last night but so far so good.

Which other Illamasqua polishes do you recommend? I'm still kicking myself for not buying Jo'Mina last summer and now I don't know where to get it!

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