7 April 2011

A Little Treasure Hunt

Where do you keeps yours?  In a box?  In a basket?  In the fridge?  In your drawers?  Of course I'm talking about nail polish.  Ostensibly, I keep mine in the fridge, but those little colourful bottles of joy have a naughty habit of hopping out of their fridge tray and hiding themselves round the house.  So I went hunting.  And this is what I found...

 I found Barry M's Indigo peering out from behind my Elf Kabuki brush...
 My crucially important bottle of Seche Restore masquerading as a foundation, amongst my bases...
 A very brazen bottle of Gosh Lavender Love monkeying around on the speaker unit....
 This tricky trio of Ciaté treatment, Collection 2000 base coat and Essie Bordeaux hanging out on a little elephant tray...
 And yet another four - Rimmel base coat, OPI A Quarter of a Cent of Cherry, Barry M Coral and the Barry M Limited Edition Lilac - kicking back with some salt & pepper (?) and a guiter.
 So I scooped them all up and plonked them back in the fridge, along with their friends Cheese in Tin Foil and Coffee in packet.  I shall not be defeated!
Or maybe I will, because I then found Illamasqua Bacterium and 17 Forever trying on my jewellery :/

Do you have this problem with your nail polishes?  Where do you stash them?


  1. AHAHAHAHAH this is so funny. With cheese in tinfoil haha.

    Have you seen that sketch with micheal maccintyre with the spices in the cupboard talking. I imagined this happening in your fridge.

    Of course if you haven't seen it im going to look pretty stupid...


  2. I do know the sketch you mean! I always imagine all my objects talking and having little faces. I know that's odd, but Cheese in Tin Foil is happy :) x

  3. I don't have that many nail polishes to have a storage problem but I do keep skincare in the fridge especially my Lush stuff like Ocean Salt.

    This is a really cute post!

  4. LOL this made me laugh.

    I keep all my polishes in a wooden box in my bedroom but Ive also got several (currently being used) sitting on the bookcase shelf next to my chair.

    Ms Red


  5. I keep mine in the fridge too. I just reorganised my collection today before I ordered some more! Addicted!