22 April 2011

Mac Club dupe

I recently won a brilliant giveaway from Modesty Brown's blog, which is fabulous.  As part of the box of goodies I won, I got this eyeshadow from MUA, a budget line of make up from Superdrug, a UK drugstore.  I had seen the MUA display several times and just bypassed it completely because, fool that I am, assumed nothing good could come of a £1 eyeshadow or lipstick (all products are £1).  But lo.  I have been gifted one of the more interesting eyeshadows I own, and possibly the most pigmented shadow I own, and it just happens to look like it could be a perfect dupe for Mac Club.
This is shade number 12.  The packaging is just a basic plastic casing, but it's pretty sturdy and I wouldn't worry about travelling with this in my make up bag.  To look at in the pan, you'd expect it to be a dark grey/green, and I was fully expecting the texture to be chalky, kick up a lot of mess and transfer quite weakly onto the skin.
It looks pretty, but the full duochrome doesn't come out until you swatch it.
The pigmentation is absolutely amazing - this is one light swipe.  It's also unbelievably smooth and soft, with no product kicked up in the pan.  I couldn't believe it when I tried it.  Such a beautiful colour and blows Mac shadow quality out of the water.  It's so intense, I'd actually describe this as an amplified version of Mac Club (which I don't own but you can see a swatch over at Temptalia)
I just can't get over what great quality this colour is, and for £1!  Next time I'm in Superdrug I'll stop being the fool and check out the rest of the MUA range now I know what I've been missing!

Have you tried anything from MUA?


  1. I have a few of the MUA eyeshadows and they are so good aren't they?! I couldn't get over how creamy and pigmented they are for the price...definately wasn't expecting that! x

  2. Ooh! This excites me muchly! I wasn't expected these to be any good either. Next time I'm in Superdrug I will be on a mission :)