27 April 2011

My Favourite Brushes

As I'm not a make up artist, I don't have an extensive collection of brushes but of the ones I do have, there are a clutch that I use all the time and I could not be without.  Surprisingly, the ones I use and rate the most are the the cheaper ones from my collection.

From top - bottom:

Elf Powder brush: a great flat-topped brush that can cope with any formula you chuck on it.  I have one for my powder blushers and one for applying liquid foundation.  Works like a dream.  The glue is starting to loosen the head from the handle but considering it's only £3.50 and I've had mine for about 18 months, I'm not too disappointed and will happily buy more.
Sigma Round Top F82 Kabuki brush: ridiculously soft and dense, this is lovely to apply blusher or contour powder with.  Feels good quality and doesn't shed when washed.
Ruby & Millie Concealer brush: I wish I'd bought more than one of these as I think it's now discontinued (and Ruby & Millie will soon be disappearing from Boots anyway).  I use this to apply gel or powder eyeliner.  The pointed tip makes it precise but it's also wide enough in the base to help me create a steady line.  Makes application completely foolproof, which God know I need.
Elf Contour brush: this is my most-used of all my brushes, so much so that I have four of them.  It's ideal for a quick and lazy eye as I can use it to apply colour onto the lid and blend in the crease, and even deposit colour under the eye.  I can't think what I did before I had it.
Sigma E30 Pencil brush: a lovely little brush which I use in the crease or for smudging eyeliner.  Again, dense, soft and doesn't shed.
Elf Small Smudge brush: another little wonder from Elf.  I use this after I've (badly) applied eye kohl, to smudge it along the lashline and leave it looking smoky and neat.  Perfect if, like me, you haven't been able to master the art of a neat line.

L-R: Elf Small Smudge brush, Sigma E30 Pencil brush, Elf Contour brush, Ruby & Millie Concealer brush.

What are your favourite make up brushes?

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  1. I absolutely love the ELF powder brush. I use it daily with my Mineral Booster and it's so nice to use. Great post x