9 April 2011

Nars Ondine

A few weeks ago, some of you may know that Groupon ran a great deal whereby you bought a Groupon voucher for £9, which gave you a £20 credit to spend on ASOS.  I snapped it up, and chose to by a Nars eyeshadow with my voucher (and a Barry M shadow too, but that's for another day).  I've never had a Nars shadow before and wasn't particularly familiar with the shades, so almost chose blind.  I selected Ondine, and have been patting myself on the back for my skillz ever since. 

Ondine fits that taupe/mauve bill perfectly, and has the added bonus of a beautiful shimmer (not glitter) running through it.  Here it is in its natural habitat:

And now swatched:
It is very beautiful.  Pigmented, but I have been surprised to see there's quite a bit of kick up when I run the brush across the pan - it's more powdery than I expected it to be.  The colour is a great blend of light brown, taupe and mauve, with a pinky/lilac shimmer running through it.  It's gorgeous and I can't stop wearing it.

Here it is on my eye:

I just wear it on its own all over the lid with the brush excess run along the bottom lash line.  It's the easiest eye look ever.  Here it is on my shut eye:
If you like neutral eyes, I highly recommend Nars Ondine.  It's jumped right into my favourite 5 eyeshadows, which after only a week of use is quite impressive.

Have you got Nars Ondine?  What are you other favourite Nars eyeshadow shades?


  1. such a pretty taupe color! i'm falling in love with nars noveau monde duo :) havne't got it yet..haha

  2. *smacks head* I saw something similar and I always forget that ASOS do beauty stuff as well - must remember next time!

  3. looks a bit more intense than nars nepal which I use regularly!!def will check it out thanks!