13 April 2011

NOTD: OPI Altar Ego

When I was about 12, nail polishes were a new and exciting hobby.  My sister and I used to go to Lakeside shopping centre in the depths of Essex and make a beeline for two shops in particular.  Miss Selfridge, where there used to be big carousel displays of their nail polishes, which came in mini bottles that practically glued shut after about three uses and were £2 each, and a shop called Select, which stocked Spectacular nail polish.

Spectacular nail polishes used to be about £2 each as well I think, and between us we collected a fair few of the garish shades.  My favourite one was an oyster/pearl shade, which in hindsight possibly wasn't that nice, but I loved it.  So imagine my excitement - no really, please imagine it in full - when I went on my OPI and Essie spree recently and discovered this, Altar Ego from OPI.  It's made me feel 12 years old all over again.  And I like it.

It's an incredibly pretty shade, natural with iridescent blue and pink running through it.  Makes nails look very polished and special.

 I love remembering the cosmetics that I loved when I first became aware of what they were.  What were your first beauty loves?


  1. Such a pretty colour. So nice for Summer x

  2. Very pretty - bet it'd make an amazing polish for layering too, I can see it over What's With The Cattitude in my head already!xx

  3. I used to sell Spectacular nail polish on my market stall at London's Leather Lane. I thought they were pretty good for the price, I sold them for £1!