19 April 2011

Regis Hair

I'll preface this by making it perfectly clear that the products and cut & blowdry were provided to me for free by the PR company.  This has in no way influenced the following post and I was not asked to write anything other than an honest review.

So, onto the good stuff!  I'll be honest, I hate having my hair done.  I hate doing it myself, I hate having others do it for me, I hate that I have to do something with it otherwise I end up like Worzel Gummidge, but them's the breaks, right?  Some of you no doubt will love all things hair related but for me, it's just been a constant source of irritation and boredom.  I was looooong overdue a cut when Regis PR got in touch with me and asked me if I'd like to go along to one of their salons and also try a couple of their products.  I said, very gratefully, yes, but truthfully wasn't really looking forward to the experience as I've never really found My Hairdresser.

So it was with trepidation that I turned up at the salon after work one evening.  My stylist, Heather, was lovely, very welcoming and chatty.  We talked about the, frankly shameful, condition of my hair, and she lightly scolded me when I confessed my last appointment had been in September (I know, I know).  Then she took me over to wash and condition my hair.  She washed it and then applied a conditioning treatment which was left on for about 10 minutes.  Thoughtfully, whilst that was on, she went and sorted out my products I was taking home with me so I could leave as soon as possible after my hair was done (my appointment was at 6pm and I told her I would have to be out of there by 7:15 as I had a dinner thing to go to) and I did appreciate that.  Some hairdressers faff around for ages and then try to sell you the products they've just used on you which is a huge turn off for me, so the fact I didn't have to deal with that was a big relief.

The products she gave me were the ones she actually used on my hair, so I'll talk about those first.  She gave me a shampoo, a conditioner and the treatment which are part of the Regis DesignLINE range.

I have the Vivid Satin shampoo and conditoner here.  First of all, they smell divine.  Coconut mixed with a light, clean, floral scent that does linger for a couple of hours after washing, which I personally like.  The shampoo is clear and leaves hair feeling squeaky clean but not stripped.  The conditioner is light but still does a good job of nourishing my hair, although in colder months I'd probably need something richer.

The third product is the Hydrating Balm which I use as a mask, although Heather did say I could use it after every wash if I felt I needed it.  I really like this.  I often use hair masks but find a lot of them to be really heavy and therefore leave my hair coated in product, whereas this does the deep conditioning job I need it to but rinses out like a normal conditioner.  I'll definitely be buying this again.  The only annoying thing about these products is that they can only be bought at Regis salons, although having looked at the salon locator on the website, they do seem to cover most areas quite thoroughly, so you hopefully wouldn't have too much trouble tracking these products down.

On a side note, I do wish more salon lines would have an online ordering facility.  Sometimes it's not always convenient, as with any shop, to get there in person, and I feel we'd all be able to get access to the ranges that are currently harder to get.  Anyway, that's for another time!

After washing and treating my hair, Heather cut it for me.  I'm growing my hair at the moment so asked just to have the many split ends removed and for a little re-shape around the front.  Happily, she listened, and I got exactly what I asked for.  And then.  And then.  She did a FAB-U-LOUS blow dry for me, which I paid close attention to in the hope that I can recreate it at home (having already tried once, it appears I can't but I shall keep persevering).  I got a Charlie's Angel!

Sorry about the photo but it's quite difficult taking a picture of yourself on a busy Tube platform without getting lots of stares.  I loved the finish, and it was different to what hairdressers normally do, which is to dry it straight.  So top marks for the blow dry.

Overall, I had a good experience at Regis, although I did think the salon itself was a bit shabby.  I went to the one on the Brompton Road, near Harrods, so I think I was expecting it to be representative of that area (read: RICH AND SHINY) but it wasn't.  It didn't feel like a very pampering environment, and I think that if I was paying for the cut, I'd want something slightly more luxurious, especially as it's situated in one of the most expensive parts of London. 

To buy, the products would be £8.49 for the shampoo, £8.99 for the conditioner and £11.49 for the treatment, which I think is really reasonable for the quality of them. 

Overall, I would go back to a Regis salon for a functional cut & blowdry (if you go to the Brompton Road salon, get Heather on it!) but if I was looking for more of a special experience, or I was really into haircare and treatments, I don't think this is the place I'd go to first.

Have any of you had experience with Regis salons or their products?  Or have you got any tips on how I can find the whole thing a lot more fun?!

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