10 May 2011

Box of Tricks

I suspect I'm not alone in having a box like this, nestled between all the beautiful lipsticks, eyeshadows and perfumes that I have.  It's my little box of tricks that houses numerous tools and samples that I can turn to in moments of emergency or to find inspiration.  This box is from Muji (I use Muji storage for all my make-up) and I chuck all my samples in there, so I've always got a wealth of things to try when I'm bored of my stash.
FYI, those Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads you can see are absolutely horrible.  Thin and greasy and succeed in nothing but smearing the polish all over my fingers.  So I will not be re-purchasing them.  Ever.  But apart from that, my Clarins Hand & Nail cream is my lifeblood, Sudocrem is great for spots and sore patches of skin, spare manicure and pedicure supplies are always useful and what is more fun than a heap of tiny sachets containing what could be your new favourite product?

1 comment:

  1. This is a great idea!i have samples laying everywhere!

    I love Muji too! xxx