18 May 2011

Fi's Beauty Bits

Welcome to the first in a new mini series here on Product Pixie, in which I have asked some of my friends to tell me about their beauty habits, favourite products and beauty philosophy. So to kick it off, may I introduce you to Fi, also known as Fi With The Amazing Hair. Take it away, Fi...

Beauty philosophy:  
Always dress and make the effort for the occasion, but put your personality into it.
Skin type: Generally oily but some extremely dry patches at the corners of my mouth and on eyelids due to eczema.
Types of products you like: Long-lasting and value for money.
Brands you like: Skincare: Liz Earle (thanks Product Pixie!), and for the hands Soap and Glory hand food.
                            Make-up: I like to try new things so don't have too much brand loyalty, but I like to treat myself to Urban Decay occasionally.  For everyday wear I rely on No7 and Maybelline.
What do you spend/are prepared to spend monthly on certain products: I’ve always struggled with my skin so now I’ve found products that work I’m willing to spend more on them - £40 every month or so for cleanser, toner and moisturiser. With make-up I don’t have much time to shop so once a month I’ll stock up on a few essentials, spending £10 -15 or so. I also love it when my friends treat me on my birthday to new products or colours, as it makes me try things I wouldn’t normally – and they all know what suits me!
Perfumes: My going out perfume is currently Diesel Fuel for Life, which I love. Currently trying to select a new daytime perfume as I’m running out.
Hair care: I have to take good care of my wild locks! I have wiry, curly red hair which needs constant conditioning and more care when I straighten it. I wash it almost every day, use Aussie shampoo and a deep conditioner once a week or so. Lots of curling mousses, creams, sprays, etc. and a cut wash and blow dry every two months help keep things looking good.
Routine morning & night: Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser in the morning followed by toner and a light moisturiser for oily skin. Occasionally I treat my eyes at night with cotton wool soaked in Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion.
What’s in your make-up bag? Everything to do my day face, as I’m often getting ready for work at the gym, so the essentials live in my handbag.  Clear Skin cover up, translucent powder and brush, blusher, lip balm or light pink lipstick, eye lash curlers, mascara, tweezers and mirror.
Where do you keep your products at home: My products I have at home live in a wicker basket shelving unit in the bathroom, one drawer for skin car products and one for make up.  I'm pretty organised and don't like the clutter of things lying around.

Nail polish: I think good nails are a sign of a well-groomed girl so I try to take good care of mine by treating them once a week with a nail scrub, cuticle oil and nail mask. I always use a base coat, usually a strengthening one and then I choose one of my 20 or so colours, some more neutral for work and others brighter for evenings. No brand preference, but colour-wise corals tend to complement my skin tone.
Favourite colours for lips, eyes and nails: Lips I like to keep neutral as I like my eyes to be the focus. So light pinks or even just a balm. (PP: Although you are rocking are rather beautiful red in your photo, Fi).  For eyes I like either smokey browns/greys or more recently I’ve been blending brighter colours such as greens and golds for the evening.
General grooming: Depends how much time I have, which is generally not much during the week. I know that my skin and hair need a lot of daily care to keep them in check so I will rarely forgo these routines. If I have more time I’ll treat my nails, or spend more time moisturising, but that’s not often.
One beauty essential: Got to be my Liz Earle products  - absolute skin saver!

If any of you would like to be part of this series, please email me at productpixie@hotmail.co.uk

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