26 May 2011

Helen's Beauty Bits

This week's Beauty Bits is the turn of Miss Helen, currently residing in Paris (I am planning a trip soon to roll around the aisles of Sephora and ALL the chemists, and see her, too).

Philosophy:  Blusher puts the rose back into English.
Skin type: Oily t-zone, dry cheeks, occasional spots along my cheek bones when I'm stressed.
Types of products you like: As a former Benefit make up girl, I'm a convert of their skin products: Dr Feelgood and The Porefessional are excellent for a natural, even complexion. Lancome's Virtuose mascara is the best I've come across for extending and curling lashes. Mac lipsticks. Maybelline's "Stay Colour" lipstick does what it says, and lasts for hours. Vaseline.
Brands you like: For skincare, Neal's Yard and Dermologica.  Until recently I would have said Clinique but now find their products too harsh.  For make up, Mac and Benefit.
What you spend/are prepared to spend monthly or on certain products: My biggest expense is skincare products. Last month I spent £50 on Dermologica facewash and moisturiser, but I expect them to last six months or so. I will splash out on a facial when I'm feeling flush, and I do a Sanctury facemask once a week or so. My make up seems to last forever. I'll invest in quality foundations and primers but will spend less on mascaras/eyeshadows. As for day-to-day products,  I like fresh shower gels and moisturisers (Jergens is yum), but wouldn't spend more than £4 a go. Saying that, I'd happily shell out more for The Sanctury products.
Perfumes: Wear one everyday. All time favourite is Eternity by Calvin Klein. J'adore by Dior is a close second. Eurphoria by Calvin Klein is also delicious. I like fresh, full bodied fragrances-none of this overly sweet, fruity malarkey.
 Hair care: My last visit to the hairdresser resulted in a telling off from the stylist for not taking enough interest in my hair-enough said. Recently had my shoulder length blonde hair chopped pixie short, so hair care's been massively simplified. John Frieda Sheer blonde, conditions well. (I'm a natural blonde but a little chemical encouragement never goes amiss.) I wet my hair most days to restyle it, but wash it every other day or so. Visit the hairdresser every couple of months.
Routine morning & night: Morning and night: wash face with Dermologica Clay Cleanser and moisturise with Dermologica Activemoist. A dab of No.7 Eye Cream round my eyes. I use an eye make up remover when I remember.
What’s in your make-up bag (the one you take out and about): A pot of Vaseline and one of two Mac lipsticks, Ruby Red if I'm feeling bold, xxx if Im not. 
Where do you keep your products at home: Daily products lined up on a shelf in the bathroom. Anything else in a wooden chest in my bedroom
Nail polish: Oh yes. No 7 Stay Perfect all the way. Regular buffing is also a must.
Favourite colours for lips, eyes and nails: Mac Ruby Woo and black eyeliner.  Eye shadow makes me look like an 11 year old.  For nails, I live bright summer colours: reds, pinks and corals but also a natural pink or nude shade. 
General grooming: Moisturise after showering. Would like to wax regularly but it's just not fun. Will take the pain for my eyebrows though-threading works wonders.
One beauty essential: Benefit The Porefessional

If any of you would like to be part of this series, please email me at productpixie@hotmail.co.uk

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