19 May 2011

In The Pink

You know those days when you can barely peel yourself from beneath your duvet and think about even getting into the shower, let alone getting on a train and going to the office and doing a full 8 hours of work?  When you would literally rather scoop out your eyeballs with a teaspoon than do any of the above?  Well I don't know how you deal with mornings like that, but I deal with them by slapping on the brightest lipstick and nail polish I can find in my bleary-eyed state, and yesterday, Barry M's pink lipstick in 145 (I want to say Punky Pink) did just the ticket.  Even better, when paired with Shocking Pink nail polish also by Barry M, I just about smiled my way through the day.  Just.
I want to know your favourite obnoxiously bright lipsticks/glosses/polishes plus your favourite pink lipstick ever.  And if you have any tips on how to get out of bed with a spring in my step every morning, share those too :)

1 comment:

  1. I can't advise on how to get out of bed in the morning because I'm just as bad!! But the pink looks great on you - I love the nails!! x