17 June 2011

Clarins Hand & Nail Cream

There's not much I really need to say about this except for it's The Best Hand Cream In The World Ever: Volume 1 - Infinity.  Have we talked about how much I *hate* getting moisturiser on my hands?  Have we?  I hate moisturing my face and my body and my hands because I loathe the feeling of moisturiser on my hands.  And when it gets under your nails?  Don't even get me started. 

However, I realise I need to moisturise in order to get my ticket to beauty Heaven one day, and this is the one hand cream I've tried that isn't greasy or slimy or leaves a horrible slippy residue in its wake.  It rich and luxurious and sinks in straight away and leaves hands in tip-top condition.  The thought of being without it sends me spiralling into panic.  Get it.


  1. I received a sample of this and love it! So moisturizing!

  2. I have always loved this hand cream! I adore the scent!