16 June 2011

Haus of Gloi

A pyramid of products!  That makes me very happy.  And aware that I need a better camera.  Haus of Gloi is a vegan brand from the United States,  run by Britton and Matt (I do not know them, they just include a cute little handwritten note with each order).  They produce a beautifully addictive range of body products - scrubs, lotions, body butters, soaps, perfumes and lipbalms - in a wide range of natural scents.  They also release Limited Edition seasonal collections which often feature some of their most popular scents so it's worth keeping the website in your Favourites for regular stalking.

I have placed two orders with them now, the most recent of which arrived yesterday (all of it is shown above along with a few bits left from my first order).  The main reason I love Haus of Gloi so much, and it's mainly the Pumpkin Butters that I order, is that they are the only scented body product I have tried that hasn't irritated my eczema-prone legs and arms.  It's such a treat to be able to wear a gorgeous scented cream that actually moisturises and isn't greasy instead of always having to reach for the E45 or the Bio Oil.

Anyway, onto the goods!  There's so many and the website describes them pretty well but these are my favourites.
I don't like anything sugary sweet, nutty, floral or overly citrussy, so all of these tick my boxes.  From this little line up, Sanctum (LE) and Imp are my favourites.  The Whipped Soap (Sanctum bottom right) is brilliant for shaving legs and other keys areas.  It's like lightly whipped marshmallow in texture and doesn't irritate skin at all.  The Bubbling Scrubs are another favourite; they're just the right mix of abrasive and moisturising, and the scents linger on the skin for a good couple of hours.
The Pumpkin Butters are light in texture but incredibly moisturising.  They sink into the skin without problem and the scent lasts, honestly, all day.  I use them on my arms and legs and my chest, so I constantly get wafts of the scent throughout the day.  It's also the first body butter I've used where people comment on how nice I smell.  The Brier Path (shown above) is part of the Summer collection; it's a gorgeous rose scent that I wish I'd ordered more of now.  I shall be waiting impatiently for that to come back round again next year!

One scent I don't really like is Honey Tree.  Normally I love anything honey-scented but this to me smells odd...it actually smells like ammonia.  It could be my nose or a dud batch or just nothing but I'm not a fan.  However if I layer it underneath something like Moon Dog, a favourite, it's fine.  It still does the job of moisturising really well.
With my order I got two of these perfume oil samples included.  Depravity (right) is quite a fresh scent, which is ok, but Insalata Nocturna on the left is TO DIE FOR.  I am kicking myself for not ordering the other products in this scent range; it smells like Italy in the summer.  Tomatoes and herbs and lemon and basil, it is absolutely divine.  It sounds like you'll smell like a (delicious) salad but you won't, you'll just smell yummy.

Overall, I cannot recommend Haus of Gloi products highly enough, especially if you're sick of all the mass high street body product scents.  The quality of these products is unbelievable - and they're so cheap!  Shipping to the UK from the States takes around 3 weeks but it's so worth the wait.  I already have my next order planned.


  1. Oh wow this is a huge reminder that I need more HOG in my life!!!!

  2. Ive literally just got out of my bath where I used HOG bubbling scrub from the spring collection Lassi, and omg I just want to eat myself I smell SO tasty.
    Lush Lush lush stuff