11 June 2011

Miss Sporty Pump Up The Lash mascara

I've written on here several times about how my favourite ever mascara is the Miss Sporty XXLong mascara (although I realise that I've crucially negated to do an actual review so I must rectify that) but recently I've been trying out another of the Miss Sporty mascaras, the Pump Up Lash one.  Always on the search for a good volumising mascara, at £3.99 I thought this would be a cheap thrill that might yield brilliant results.
It all looks quite promising with a large wand that grips the lashes quite well, but doesn't actually pick up much product when you pull it out of the tube.  Pump Up Lash mascara sadly doesn't add any volume to my lashes, but conversely lengthens and separates them quite a bit, so if that's your bag, you could do a lot worse (and a lot more expensive) than this.  However, I personally don't like the finish it gives so I won't be buying this again, but I will continue to be evangelical about XXLong - and finally finish the review!

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