6 June 2011

Topshop make up

I haven't looked at the Topshop make up range for over a year so when I found myself at the Oxford Circus branch with about fifteen minutes to spare last week, I made the most of it and picked up five items.  Three of the items are from the Sandstorm collection, and the other two are permanent in the range.
L-R: Crayon in Equinox, Highlighter in Sunrise, Lipgloss stick in Glisten, Eyeshadow mousse in Glint,Cheeks in Prism

I am always impressed with the quality of the Topshop make up products; the packaging, pigmentation and range of colours is brilliant, especially when you consider that none of these products (the ones I bought) were over the £10 point.
The Crayon in Equinox is a beautifully creamy eye pencil/shading stick in a taupe/champagne shade.  It glides on and doesn't drag, and deposits a good amount of colour to the lid.  Looks stunning all over the lid or as a liner on its own, or adds subtle metallic sheen underneath any eyeshadow.
Next up is the Eyeshadow mousse in Glint.  I nearly bought Tundra as well, but figured I have other shades that are similar.  Glint is a dirty mauve with a pretty shimmer; very flattering and easy to wear all year round.  As it's a mousse, I find it does crease after a few hours wear but nothing a good primer can't deal with.
The Eyeshadow mousse can be easily blended onto the lid with fingers or a fluffy brush, and the colour is buildable.  Here's a heavy and a sheer swatch for comparison.
The Highlighter in Sunrise was bought in a moment where I imagined myself to be Gisele, with skin of honey and cheekbones of razors.  In translation, it's slightly too warm for my skin at the moment but I will get a lot of use our of this when my tan has been dredged up from the depths of my bones.
The highlighters are large, pretty equivalent in size to the Mac MSF's and the powder is smooth and soft.
In contrast to the warmth of Sunrise, the other highlighter I got was one of their Nars Multiple-esque stick highlighters in Prism, a cool-toned pearl shade.  It's slightly opalescent, and works much better on my paler skin.
The sheen is very subtle; it applies ever so slightly chalkily (might well have made that word up) but the finish is nice.
Finally (and if you have made it this far, frankly you should be applauding yourself), the Lipgloss stick in Glisten.  Frighteningly fuschia in the tube, once applied this is incredibly glossy and bright, and, I think, will suit pretty much all skin tones.  Love the gold packaging too - makes me feel like a propa posho.
So there we have it, my new 5-piece from Topshop.  Favourites are the two eye products but overall I am thrilled with what I bought.

What are your favourite items from the Topshop make up range?

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