12 July 2011

A lorra lorra lipsticks....

I was having a GSD* day today and whilst sorting through one of my handbags, came across these seven lipsticks.  God only knows why I was carrying round seven lipsticks on top of all the other rubbish and make up I had in there, but they have now been retrieved and returned to their right and proper place with all their other lipstick chums.  As I had them out, I thought I'd quickly swatch them for you.  I know, I'm too kind.
L-R: No7 in Nude Rebellion (LE), Natural Collection in Misty Rose (discontinued), Natural Collection in Berry Bliss, NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Jewel, No7 in Allure, No7 in Forever Cherry, No7 in Bewitching.
The End.

*Get Shit Done

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