17 July 2011

Mac Semi Precious purchases

Quite a few things took my fancy from Mac's latest collection, Semi Precious, as I like mineral products a lot, but I was sensible and only ordered the two things that least resembled anything else I already have.  I went for one of the MSF's in Semi Precious Pearl and a mineralized blush in Warmth of Coral.
Semi Precious Pearl has an outer circle of a pearlised champagne highlighter with a contrasting centre which is a golden bronze, although there are elements of plum in there too.  Together they combine to give a beautiful bronzed glow to cheeks.  Warmth of Coral is a very subtle but pretty peach blush which glows on application.  I've found myself reaching for this every day since I got it.
Swatches of Semi Precious Pearl:
Swatches of Warmth of Coral blush:
Considering both of these items were reasonably random purchases, I've used them constantly for the last 10 days or so, and am thrilled to have them in my clutches.  Have you bought anything from the Semi Precious collection?

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