20 July 2011

NYX single eyeshadows

A few weeks ago I spied that Cherry Culture were offering 20% off, AND free delivery, AND had a load of stuff already in their sale, so I, not one to be rude and pass up an opportunity, took advantage and ordered a few bits and pieces, including 5 single eyeshadows from NYX.  This was in no way a thought-out purchase, I just went by the swatches on the site, which is always a bad idea.
Top row: Dark Brown (matte) and Deep Bronze (metallic)
Bottom row: Smokie Mountain (shimmer), Eggplant (metallic), Pacific (frosty)
I paid $3.75 for each of these shadows, which at the time worked out at about £2.30 a piece.  I've read a lot about the high quality of these shadows, and I sort of agree, sort of don't.  The pigmentation is pretty good but I find all of them to be quite powdery when you pick product up.  Also, I don't think I selected my colours well AT ALL, but that is completely my idiocy and failing as a human bean, not the fault of NYX as a whole conglomerate (it's a words day).
I don't love any of them really.  Smokie Mountain is hugely disappointing; the beautiful olive-ness is shows off in the pan doesn't translate at all on the skin, and Deep Brown is basically the colour of the excrement of a child who has recently been introduced to the concept of solid food, NOT ideally what I want in the crease of my eye, or anywhere for that matter.

Eggplant I so wanted to be a gorgeous deep aubergine shade, but it pulls very red on my skin and just sort of looks like I've gone 5 rounds with a camp David Haye.  Sad.

Overall, not a winning purchase of mine.  They're all just ok.  I will use them, I shall not love them.  What NYX shadows have you got that I might actually enjoy?

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