18 July 2011

Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste

Beauty encompasses many things these days.  Plucking, waxing, painting, glossing, lengthening, tanning, straightening, you get the idea.  All of those are immensely fun (apart from the waxing) but none of them are necessary - I mean actually, genuinely, for survival, necessary.  Cleaning and hygiene though IS necessary.  For one, if we didn't stay clean and healthy, we'd smell and be ill, and that's boring and isn't going to lead to any of us meeting and marrying our Brad Pitt/Jon Hamm/insert name of chosen crush in comments please.  So, as fun as all the pretty, shiny parts of beauty are, none of them mean squat if the basics aren't in good and proper nick, and this is where my shiny new toothpaste steps in.
Oral B have just released this, the Oral B Pro Expert toothpaste which, to my understanding, basically BOSSES all the other toothpastes and makes them feel small and insignificant.  Essentially, Oral B rang up his mates Stannous Flouride and Polyphosphate System (I know, cracking names) and told them to join the party in this here tube, and together, they make a pretty awesome combo.  They're basically the dental crime fighters we've been waiting for.  They kick teeth ass.  This one toothpaste is all you ever need in terms of combatting decay, plaque, poorly gums, less that white teeth, bad breath, blah blah blah.  And it tastes like Big Red chewing gum with a hint of mint.  LOVE.
So you might think of toothpaste as being a boring addition to your bathroom shelf, but it really does set the scene for all those Dior glosses and Chanel lipsticks.  After all, who gives a fig about the shine if all it's covering up is sad little teeth?  Go make friends with Oral B immediately.  Tell Stannous and Polyphosphate I sent you.  We're tight these days.


  1. I get excited trying out new toothpastes! Currently reviewing Pearl Drops Hollywood smile, which is very good :) x

  2. I've been trying to figure out what it tastes like and you've hit the nail on the head!! It totally is Big Red lol, do you find it a bit "crunchy" tho? x