9 July 2011

Palette Party

There are a lot of good things about being single and in your mid-twenties, living in London.  Unlimited quantities and varieties of entertainment lie on your doorstep; Friday nights can, in a heartbeat, offer a fancy cocktail in the bar of a swanky hotel, or a tuneless and tearful sing-a-long in the audience of a West End show.  I could eat Jerk chicken in Soho or Vietnamese in Dalston, or I could be taking a midnight stroll through Hyde Park on my way back from dancing in Notting Hill.  But one of my very favourite things about being single and in my mid-twenties is that I can, if I so choose, spend Friday night at home doing exactly what I want.

Last night, I got home, wriggled into my pyjamas before the door had barely closed, slapped on a face mask, and set about doing a shedload of depotting into these three beautiful palettes I bought last week from Etsy whilst listening to Radio 4.  AND LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS GOOD.  I spied these palettes on the brilliant Dempeaux (go read and follow at once please) and was seduced into ordering three.  They're around £8/$13 each and shipped so fast from the US they arrived about 8 days after the order was placed.  They're handmade magnetic palettes covered with gorgeous paper.  They're my new obsession and I couldn't wait to get all my single shadows and Mac pans into them.

I used the oven method for depotting (shadows on a baking tray, into 100 degrees C oven for 2-5 minutes, just keeping checking them) and prised the pans out of the cases with nail scissors.  The Une Beauty shadow was the casualty of the exercise; managed to save the shadow though so I'll need to re-press it in a fresh pan.

Get a thin magnetic sheet (I got one from Hobbycraft) and cut it small enough to stick on the back of the pans, and then pop them in the palettes.  Very. Satisfying.  And when you're done, they'll look something like this:

The shadows I chose for this pan are, left hand column: 17 shadows in Night Sky, Rose Quartz and Statuesque.  Next to them are a Max Factor shadow in Burnt Bark and an MUA shadow which I reviewed here.  On the right are an Elf Studio shadow in Pebble and Nars Ondine in the bottom right.  I also swatched them for you in the same order (ever helpful as I am):
In the other palettes I put my Mac and Natural Collection shadows and then did a palette of Mac and 17 blushers:
I honestly haven't enjoyed myself on a Friday night so much in ages...


  1. Those palettes are lovely. My sister and me did a huge depot night afew months ago, was great fun x

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying the palettes! You've chosen some lovely colours, and I can't wait for my second order to arrive. Sounds like an amazing Friday night :D