31 July 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Pigments

A few weeks ago I placed an order on Shiro Cosmetics for a stack of 1oz samples (they cost $1 each).  And this is my swag. 
I've never been a huge fan of pigments, as I find them too messy to bother with, but after reading this post on the fabulous Dempeaux, I went ahead and ordered them, PLUS some Etsy palettes, PLUS a pressing kit (that woman is getting my credit card bills soon).  So I've swatched all the pigments for you and when I'd done that I pressed them all so they fit neatly into my palettes.  Pleasing.
Above -Temple of Time, Epona and S.S.Anne.
Below - Impossible, Outright Fabrication and There Will Be Cake.
Below - For Science (my favourite), Sudowoodo and Steelix.
Below (clockwise from top left) - Deadly Neurotoxin, Party Escort, Master Sword and Triforce.
All the pigments have amazing colour payoff and I like pretty much all the colours I chose.  They are extremely metallic and a few are quite glittery (Party Escort and Outright Fabrication in particular) but they are all very pretty and pressing them has had no effect on their performance.
I am a messy presser.  This I have learnt.  But it's quite easy and therapeutic to waste an hour fannying around with the little pans and the gluey pressing medium.  I enjoyed myself like a child doing potato prints.

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  1. That's right! It does feel a bit like craft time, but it makes pigments soooo much easier to use. You chose so well! Now I want to get For Science and SS Anne. Love Shiro. Thanks for the post! :)