1 August 2011

Brush Collection

Sometimes I wish I could paint, or draw, but sadly I have absolutely no talent in either field whatsoever.  I can just about muster a stick man or a rudimentary cat if the need arises, but generally speaking, I am no Monet.  In the space and time where I might be creating beautiful pictures with my hands, I am trying to learn to be a better photographer.  I enjoy picture-taking a lot.  A Lot.  Luckily, until I find a spare £600 to spend on an SLR I won't know how to use, Steve Jobs has made it very easy for myself (and approximately 65% of the population) to take fancy-looking photos with handy little apps.  I can console myself with photos like these, of my make up brushes, which look like I knew what I was doing with lenses and light and such, but in fact all I did, whilst cleaning my room on Sunday, was plop the brushes on the floor and snap them with my iPhone.  Oh Jobs, I do love you.
My littler brushes are kept in a small, blue ceramic owl.  I remember not from where she (Roberta Owl) was purchased.  Possibly a boot sale, possibly a Primark.  Who knows?  She holds brushes from Sigma, Daniel Sandler, Elf and a random assortment of other brands.  My most used from Roberta are the No7 Blend & Contour brushes, the Daniel Sandler flat foundation brush, and a small smudge brush also from No7.
In the cheery yellow tin are my face brushes, namely three Elf Powder brushes, a couple of offerings from Sigma, and lots of Elf Contour and Flat C shadow brushes.  Special mentions to my Ruby & Millie Concealer brush and my Japonesque blush brush, both of which are used pretty much every day.
At least these are all brushes I know what I'm doing with, and don't involve any poorly drawn portraits in oil on canvas.

Where do you store your brushes and which are your favourites?

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  1. You have lots of lovely brushes there! Mine are housed in a dodgy pen pot but my Mum, who is an artist, lovingly displays hers in nice glass jars and they look very fancy! I love your little owl pot :) x