2 August 2011

Chantecaille Guava lipstick

This Chantecaille lipstick was a thoughtless purchase made in the *incroyable* Space NK sale a few weeks ago.  I paid the princely sum of £10 for it, reduced from about £23.  PLEASED.  Not so pleasing was the state of the box...see creasing below!
However, I'm not one to keep packaging and the box doesn't actually affect the lipstick, so let's press on.  Inside the pretty purple creasy box is a little silky baggy thing.  Again, not one for such frills, but I can't deny it makes this lipstick feel more special than some of my other, more lowly lipsticks.
The colour I chose, swatchless, was Guava.  I admit I selected it solely because of the name, in the hope that it would be similar to my beloved Bobbi Brown Guava lipstick which is getting dangerously low.  However, it turns out that 'guava' to Chantecaille means something quite difference to Bobbi Brown.  This Guava is very much a natural, almost brown shade.  An off guava, if you will.  Nevertheless, it is very pretty and I shall wear it lots and possibly keep the silky baggy to store tiny treasures and pistachios in.
The finish is nice, not too glossy but not so matte you'll get cracked cement lips either.  I have to say, for a high end brand, I'm not blown away by the formula.  I have equal or better lipsticks from plenty of drugstore brands, but as I paid £10 for it I'm not too fussed.  Had I paid £23...well, you might have seen some Guava blood on the walls...

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