31 August 2011

Clinique Brush-On Cream Liners

Last Friday was a good day for my purse; pay day AND Boots Advantage Points day; as it was a Bank Holiday weekend the store was offering triple points on everything I think, so I stocked up on boring essentials - the number of cotton pads I must have used in my time - to maximise my already healthy points balance, and then I did some fun shopping.  Two of the products I picked up were these Clinique Brush-On Cream Liners (which I often hear referred to as gel liners for some reason).  Generally deemed to be amongst the best non-pencil liners on the market, I was after Black Honey, which I drooled over on Madame Lippie's post a couple of weeks ago, but I also got Smoke Grey, the perfect creamy taupe shade.
The only other similar consistency liner I have is a black gel one from Sleek, which I quite like but I find it to be a little bit thick in texture, and therefore slightly draggy to apply.  Not so with these two; the cream, is a total DREAM to apply, and once on doesn't budge until you so choose it to.
Black Honey is a reddish brown shade shot through with fine gold sparkles. Very pretty.  I worry it's a bit red for me but it seems to look nice when applied and doesn't make me look too tired or ill.
On the other hand, Smoke Grey is pretty much my perfect liner shade.  It reminds me of Mac Earthline Technakohl in shade, which is my all time favourite eyeliner.  It's a perfect hybrid of grey and mid-brown, universally flattering and a subtle change from black.
I've been wearing these since I bought them, and I can't believe I haven't bought them sooner.  They're just perfect; I have no complaints whatsover.  Even the little brushes they come with are good, and make the application completely foolproof.
Smoke Grey above, Black Honey below.
Once my Sleek liner has lined its final eye, I'll be buying the Clinique in black for sure.  For £13.50, I think these represent excellent quality and value, and in a nice range of shades, too.  I don't know if they ever do other limited edition shades but I'd love a deep purple version, if you're listening Clinique Goddesses!

Have you tried these liners?  What other cream or gel liners do you rate?


  1. These do look lovely shades but being a complete klutz with eyelinershadow it would be wasted on me. You can do that flicky eye thing, I am jealous ;-) Thanks for this. Jan

  2. Oh I love the look of the smokey shade and am also an Earthline fan - agree it's the perfect colour. I've just bought Laura Mercier Caviar eye stick in khaki, which I'll be reviewing this week (twist up creamy eye crayon)love it so far.

    Nic x