8 August 2011

Essie Bright Tights

Essie Bright Tights is....bright.  So bright you almost can't look directly at it.  But I do love it.  It's quite full on as a whole manicure look, so here I've done just one nail on each hand with it.  It looks totally fabulous on tanned toes though.
It practically glows in the dark.  Formula-wise it's not amazing, and it seems to dry to an almost matte finish which I don't like (it makes my nails look like I've had a fight with a highlighter) so I add a coat of Seche Vite to shine it up.  I buy all my OPI and Essie polishes from a wholesale place in London so they're super cheap - hello £4 a bottle - so I don't mind the odd mistake.  I wouldn've have paid full price for this as it's just a bit of fun; not something I'll wear very often.
What's your favourite super bright polish?

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