3 August 2011

Jemma Kidd City Chic Kit

This mini kit of Jemma Kidd products was bought a while ago in the ASOS sale.  I have a couple of Jemma Kidd lipglosses already, which I love, and I often read good things about the product range so thought this would be a good way of trying it out without flashing too much cash.  I paid about £9 for this set which includes a mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss and complexion enhancer (fancy term for a highlighter).
The eyeliner is a true brown with shimmer running through it; very pretty but perhaps a touch too red for my liking.  Nevertheless I've found myself wearing this a lot since I got it; it applies very smoothly and is well pigmented.  It transfers a little bit after a few hours wear which is annoying but not the end of the world.  The lipgloss is just your average pink/nude.  Nice.  Not amazing.  I do love the 'complexion enhancer'.  It's quite runny and a lot comes out of the tube, which you don't need.  I pat it onto my cheekbones and it leaves a really beautiful sheen, which isn't at all glittery.  I'd buy a full size of this in a heartbeat.
Finally, the mascara.  It's a very good everyday mascara, that gives a nice finish, but it's extremely wet on application, to the point where if I look up within a couple of minutes of applying it transfers.  Far from ideal, but the more I use it the less it seems to be a problem.  Here I'm wearing the eyeliner and mascara toghether.
I'm pleased I bought this kit and I can't complain overall about the quality of the products.  I'm keen to explore more from the Jemma Kidd range so if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below!

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  1. I've heard good things about Jemma Kid but never tried it myself. All three colours in the kit look like nice staples to have. (P.S. I received your giveaway package, thanks so so much! Have a wonderful day!)