19 August 2011

Jonathan Ward candles

This is a post I have been meaning to write forever, seeing as I bang on about Jonathan Ward and his candles so much, particularly in the medium of Tweet.  Finally, I have got round to telling you properly about my absolute favourite product, thing, luxury, EVER.  I first came across Jonathan Ward about 18 months ago in the Whole Food store in Kensington.  There was a small table piled high with the candles, and a gentleman standing beside them.  I wandered over to have a look and ended up chatting to him.  I left thinking "what a lovely guy, and so good of Whole Foods to employ someone who really knows what they're talking about."
I only realised a while later that that WAS Jonathan Ward!  How lovely to be able to talk to the product owner for a change.  I started following him on Twitter and chatting away and a few months later was thrilled to be invited to the launch of The Spice & Amber collection, a trio of candles infused with, you guessed it, amber and spices, perfect for the colder months.  There are so many things I love about Jonathan's candles.  The packaging is exquisite - hand illustrated, lovely boxes and reusable glass jars - and I often give them as presents.  The candles themselves are hand-poured and are made with only natural waxes, so are completely clean burning.  No acrid black smoke from these babies.
The scent infused in these candles is incredibly rich but not at all overpowering.  Even having the unlit candle out in a room will lightly fragrance the air; in fact I often buy them and don't light them for ages, as I don't need to.  They come in three size options - medium, large or a set of nine tealights, as you can see above. 
In terms of my favourite fragrance, it's too difficult to choose.  My current choice is Dance in Summer Rain, a clean, summery floral fragrance (crucially for me not too heavy on the jasmine) that I have burning constantly.  It's also Jonathan's best seller.  Next in the queue is the limited edition Santissima, which I snapped up as soon as I could.  This one I'm really excited about as it's very unusual: a combination of Arabian, Italian and rose notes to create a warm, spicy and still summery fragrance. 
The large size of candle has a double wick, and the burn time is around 45 hours.  I've had Dance in Summer Rain on every evening for around 4 hours at a time for the last week and I've still got about a third left.  They're definitely at the luxury end of the candle market, but are cheaper than Diptyque, for example, plus the fact that they're clean burning and finished with such a personal touch makes them much more special.
I'm slowly (actually quite quickly) working my way through the entire range; I buy one most months as a 'well done me for being me' type present to myself, or I buy them for other people for birthdays and such like.  I'm eagerly awaiting the new Russian collection, three candles inspired by the romantic history of Russia; Cedarwood will feature heavily, which pleases me.  All I need now is for him to make an (almost) exact replica of Dyptique Feu de Bois and I can die a happy woman.
You can order online or buy instore at Whole Foods Kensington and other selected retailers. 
Dance in Summer Rain was a PR sample, everything else mentioned and photographed was paid for by me.  I have no affiliation with  Jonathan Ward and was not asked or paid to write this post, I'm just a long-time customer and huge fan of the brand.

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  1. I'd love to try these but I love the yankee candles alot! :D

    Lucy xx