18 August 2011

Laura Mercier Colour Palette

I wrote recently about a Chantecaille lipstick I picked up in the brilliant sale last month at Space NK, and whilst I was tooling around online this Laura Mercier Colour Palette accidentally slipped into my basket too, but as it was only £20 I think it was a pretty clever accident.  It's actually a kit, as with the palette you get lip liner and a mini eye primer in Wheat, something I've wanted to try for ages anyway.  It all came tucked into a neat little velvet pouch, which can now sit happily alongside my Chantecaille silk baggy.  The palette itself is typically sleek and sturdy, featuring a mock-croc casing with a useful mirror in the lid.
The selection in the Colour Palette comprises four eyeshadows, one cream blush and three lipglosses.  I normally hate lipglosses/lipsticks in palette form and this is no exception,  but the shades are lovely and I'm trying by best to get on with them and my fiddly stupid retractable lipbrush.  The eyeshadows are all totally wearable and, as we have come to expect from Laura Mercier, are smooth, pigmented and stay on a long time.  Here we have, from left to right:
Stellar - a shimmery off-white
Honey - a shimmery golden peach
Sundown - a shimmey coffee with red undertones
Coffee - a semi-matte deep charcoal brown
All great colours, although I feel that Stellar is a little too white for me, but it does make a good inner corner colour if needed.

The blush in this palette is the cream blush in Nectarine.  To my eye it's a pinker version of Nars Orgasm, just one of those pretty standard golden pink shades that seem to suit most people.  Here it is on the left:
The shape of the pan makes it quite awkward to use with a larger brush, so I've been using my fingers, which I don't really like doing.  However, it gives a nice finish but use sparingly because it's quite pigmented - too much and you'll look like Aunt Sally in Studio 54.

Finally, the lip colours.  The three in the Colour Palette are classics - Brick, Dolce and Crystal.  All are very glossy; my favourite is Brick, a great, classic red. 

I'd have liked something with more colour than Crystal - I just don't see the point of what is essentially a clear lipgloss - but to use over a lip stain it's nice. They're all moisturising, and last around 2 hours (unless you're doing excessive kissing of people in which case carry on and God speed).

The lip liner is in Nude and the Eye Basics primer is in Wheat, a very similar shade to the original UDPP.
The Eye Basics is really good and handy for travelling with; it doesn't make shadows last as long as UDPP but I can still get a day's wear without too much trouble.  The lip liner is...there.  Again, too boring for me to get excited about but still useful, particularly for layering under a gloss.

So, all in all I'm quite happy with my Colour Palette.  I don't love it as much as my Silk Road palette which I got earlier this year, but for £20, it was a total bargain.

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