16 August 2011

Red Lips

Revlon Lip Stain in Flame.  Such a great red, stays on for ages, doesn't dry out...basically my favourite red.
Natural Collection in Misty Rose and Essie Geranium on the nails.
New purchase from Sephora last weekend, from their own line.  Shade number 9.  Beautiful cherry red; very moisturising, not for the faint-hearted.
No7 and Poppy King collection in Power.  And a moustache crafted from Mac Smoulder by my sister and my Dad.  Essentially I have a huge spot on my upper lip and was too lazy to conceal it so....a Dali tribute it was.  Quite like it actually.

What is your favourite red lipstick?


  1. I love the poppy king collection! :D

    Lucy xx

  2. Lovely colour, looks like a suits all red. I used to wear red all the time but now find it makes me look a bit mutton. LQ Medieval works well or Lipsmackers Dr.Pepper for a subtler look on an older lip ie mine. Thanks for this. Jan