22 September 2011

Bioderma review

 It's quite possible that a lot of you will already be familiar with Bioderma; it's often lauded as the make up remover of choice for models and make up artists, and gets universal heaps of praise.  In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a negative comment regarding it...UNTIL NOW!!! Mwah ha ha, I do like to keep you on your toes.  I'd been desperate to try Bioderma for months and had been to Guru Make Up Emporium in Fulham, where I believe they stock it, but at the time got side-tracked by Parian Spirit so didn't buy it there.  Then the wonderful Zuneta started stocking it online but I didn't want to pay £14 a bottle, because I knew I was going to Paris soon so decided to wait and get it there.

Thankfully I did because I managed to pick up a two pack from Monoprix for 18 Euros, roughly £15, which is a much better deal.  Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, the bottles are rather massive, so cost per use is pretty minimal.  The product itself is a micellar, or water-based cleanser.  It's completely odourless and has the consistency of water.  I was drawn to Bioderma because it's suitable for sensitive skin (any skin, really) and is deemed to be the best at removing all types of make up.  Which it does.  Eventually.

I could be wrong in this but I'm sure I have read on numerous occasions that people can cleanse their entire face with just one or two cotton pads soaked in Bioderma.  Me?  Well, here is tonight's pile:
I actually used a sixth after this picture was taken.  Also, I'd like to point out that all I was wearing today was a light dusting of mineral foundation and some mascara, and a tiny smudge of eyeliner.  We ain't exactly talking drag make up here.  On days where I'm wearing more, I can easily go through ten cotton pads before the make up is all gone.  I don't mind so much because the bottle lasts ages, but after the third or fourth round of sweeping away, it does sting a bit, especially around my eyes.  To prove how long it lasts, this is my current bottle which I have used every day for the last 10 weeks.
So in terms of value for money, I can't fault it.  Before using Bioderma, I was completely loyal to the Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover, but at the moment I'm not using a separate eye make up remover, just Bioderma, and I don't find it to be nearly as effective.  I think oil-based cleansers are so much better at dealing with eyeshadow and mascara, and I plan to return to the Botanics one very soon.

It doesn't noticeably irritate my skin at all, and it's undeniably easy to have one product that removes everything, but it's just not as....easy as I thought it was going to be.  I use this to get all my make up off and then I cleanse afterwards, and I like that this doesn't leave a residue on my skin that needs to be washed away first.   

Overall, I'm just a bit meh about Bioderma.  It's good and doesn't interfere with my skin at all, but I think perhaps my expectations were very high in the first place because everyone *raves* about it.  Maybe it's just one of those cult products that people think are amazing because everyone says they're amazing and so that must be gospel.

Would I repurchase?  Potentially, but if I have to buy a Eurostar ticket every time I run out, I might just stick to something I can nab in Boots for £3.

Have you tried Bioderma or other micellar cleansers?  I'd like to know your thoughts.


  1. I have very sensitive eyes and used to get eczema on my eyelids... that's until I tried Bioderma. I only use it as an eye makeup remover and cleanse the rest of my face with something else. (Liz Earle at the moment.) I use one or two pads and hold them on my eyes for a while- watched a Lisa Eldridge video which taught me that. I will never ever ever stop using it now!

  2. I love the botanicals one that was in the giveaway prize I won from you. It's super gentle and really requires no effort to get eye makeup I was really impressed! I don't think the bioderm one is for me just because I use such heavy foundation I don't think it will take all of it off. Great review!

  3. I hate using cotton pads to remove cleansers. I cheat. I get a regular face cloth (the little towel ones, super cheap so I have enough to use them everyday and chuck them straight in the wash) and wet it with hot water (wring it out so it's just damp) and use that to remove the cleanser/ makeup. Works a treat and the hot cloth makes it feel like a mini facial. Plus I'm reusing the cloths so it's more environmentally friendly than going though bags and bags of cotton pads! x

  4. I bought the bioderma after reading & seeing lots of reviews. I too am disappointed after all the hype. It doesn't remove eye make up. Even non waterproof. Waste of money. Back to trusty favourite soap & glory for me!

  5. Thanks for sharing the wonderful post. I love Bioderma as much as you do. It is a must have cleansing essential in every girl's arsenal.