14 September 2011

Blog Sale

In light of me moving house in a few weeks, I feel the need to have a bit of a sort out and give some things to better homes.

Rules are:

1. Leave a comment for the item/s that you want.  First come (and pay), first serve
2. Payment accepted by PayPal only
3. Shipping in the UK is free, anywhere else is £1 added onto total
4. I can't think of any more rules.  Do we really need more?  Let's get to the good stuff...

1. Mac MSF in Semi Precious Pearl - LE.  Used x3 time, no dip.  £14 - SOLD
2. Mac Goldenrod eyeshadow - never used. £5
3. Barbara Daly for Tesco Face Lift foundation in Warm Almond.  Never used - £5
4 & 5. Garnier BB Creams, 1 in Light - SOLD and l in Medium - SOLD - used x2.  £4.50 each
7. MUA matte shadow in 9 - swatched x 1. 50p
8. Mini BeneTint, never used - £2 - SOLD
9. Poppy King for No7 lipstick in Intrigue, never used - £6 (RRP £12)
13, 14 & 15. NYX single shadows in Pacific, Eggplant and Deep Bronze - SOLD.  Swatched once.  £1 each
16. Famous by Sue Moxley shadow in a bronze/gold shade.  Used x 1 - £2
17. Barry M Dazzle Dust in 10, a silvery grey.  Used x 1 - £1.50
All used x 1
18. Revlon Midnight Purple - £2.50
19. Barry M Indigo - £1.50 - SOLD
20. Barry M Vivid Purple - £1.50 - SOLD
21. Essie Mint Candy Apple - £3.50
22. Essie Winter Luxedo - £3.50 - SOLD
23. Models Own Goldigger - £2- SOLD

Happy shopping!


  1. Can I take the Garnier BB cream in the shade Light?

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Pyari! Can I have your PayPal address please x

  3. Here's my PP address pyaribeauty(at)live.co.uk

    Thanks :) x

  4. Hi there,
    Please could I get the:
    ELF HD Powder £3
    And the ELF Lipstick in Runway Pink £1.50?
    Paypal address is: sarahmeana@yahoo.co.uk
    Thank you

  5. Hi! Can I have the Benetint?
    renatamanuel at gmail dot com
    (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
    thank you

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  7. Hi, can I please have the Elf lipstick in Ripe Rose please? :)

    Paypal address: ayu(dot)chan(dot)jiang(at)googlemail(dot)com


  8. Hi
    Can I get the Garnier BB medium and Barry M Indigo please?

    My Paypal address:


  9. Just having a little trouble adding my new card to PayPal, I will pay asap! Sorry about this! X

  10. Could I take the Chanel foundation & sleek bad gal off your hands please? family.Prosser@gmail.com xx

  11. Hello!

    Could I have the MAC Warmth of Coral blush and NYX Shadows in Deep Bronze & Eggplant?

    Stace xx

  12. Oops - my paypal address is stacey.mckane@googlemail.com


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  14. Hi Holly,

    It's £2. If you still want it just leave your PayPal address here x

  15. Product Pixie. Can you please give me your PP address? I can't seem to pay via the invoice.

    thanks. :) x

  16. Hi Pyari,

    It's kathrine.l.bradley@gmail.com

    Thanks x

  17. Hi,
    could i please get barry m vivid purple and the models own goldigger?
    my paypal is hollykoochitt(at)hotmail(dot)com

    thank you!

  18. Hi can I have the Mac MSF in Semi Precious Pearl? My paypal is carly_naughtybutnice@hotmail.com. Do I wait to get an invoice till I pay?

  19. Hi, could i have the Essie Winter Luxedo please? :) my paypal email is brigym@aol.com thank you :]

  20. Sent the payment for BB cream sorry it's so late I didn't get any notifications from this post. :(

  21. Hi, are MAC Goldenrod, No7 lipstick in Intrigue and NYX Pacific still available?

  22. Hi MissShiv,

    They are. If you'd like them just let me know your PayPal address. Xx

  23. Hi, I was wondering if this blog sale is still open? As I would really like to purchase the Essie Mint Candy Apple polish.

  24. @Sunny Yes, you can still purchase it. Just let me know your PayPal address x