17 September 2011

Empties of 2011 Vol 8

I think this is volumw 8, frankly I'm losing count.  I'm loving seeing how many things I'm getting through this year; I've noticed though how few colour cosmetics I use up, and that tends to be the things I buy the most of, so that needs to stop.  Now please.

Favourite things from the photo above are, surprise surprise, Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser - it's so good, I'm getting more - and The Doctor Brand gel, step 2 of the 3 step system which I STILL haven't posted about because I am bad and terrible and need a slap.

The rest of that mish-mash up there are all pretty brilliant products as well, but right now I have one eye on Sleepless in Seattle (can we have a moment to appreciate Tom Hanks please) and one eye on my bed so I can't be bothered to go into more detail than that.

It's just one of those days.

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