25 September 2011

Gelish nails

My nails have had their fair share of the spotlight on here so this week I'm shining the light on Mummy Pixie's nails for your enjoyment.  She has very weak, flaky nails that break if you so much as glare at them, so I've been on at her for ages to try a Shellac or Gelish treatment, and finally a couple of weeks ago, she made an appointment.  She went to a local nail salon in Essex and after fighting her way through the seas of acrylic tips and rhinestone designs settled on a nice lilac colour from Gelish.
The Gelish process involves a base coat then several layers (five in this instance) of colour which is then sealed with some sort of magical top coat and then dried and set under a UV nail lamp.  The whole process took around an hour, so longer than an average manicure.
Mummy Pixie was pleased with the result, although felt that there could have been a wider range of colours to choose from, plus irritatingly the bottle design is such that the colour is only visible through a small  porthole, making shade choice quite arduous.  Ho hum, hardly Third World problems, though.  Anyway,  this manicure was done just under three weeks ago; Gelish, Shellac and the like claim to last around 4 weeks, sometimes longer.
My parents went on holiday about 9 days after the Gelish was applied, and within two days of the holiday, and gradually getting worse over the course of the week, this is what MP's nails looked like:
Not great, right?  Her nails aren't particularly fast-growing and they're weak, which is why she tried this treatment.  However she found that the polish chipped really easily (she chipped one nail within 24 hours of application) and it peeled away at the base, near the cuticle.  Now, having only had this done once I am prepared to accept that it might not have been applied expertly and she could get better results elsewhere; does anyone have experience of Gelish or Shellac nails?  I was pretty surprised though to see her nails after the holiday.  She had to wait around a week (her fault, not the salon's) to get it removed, and when she did it was a half hour of chipping and scrubbing away at her nails which haven't exactly helped their state.
So, overall, not massively impressed with the Gelish technique.  At all.  I was going to have it done myself but now think I'll stick to a polish chip 'n' change every three days.  MP paid £32 at her local salon but prices may differ depending on location.  As a parting shot, I was rewarded with this when I initially asked to take her picture.  Parents, eh?


  1. I had great results with Shellac here http://www.polishgalore.com/2011/09/cnd-shellac.html

    I was reading on CND's website and they cite the #1 problem being poor prep for people getting chips or having lifting problems... which is why they started the CND Shellac Verification so at least nail tech's wouldn't mix and match CND products. Hope it helps!

  2. Thats not good at all. I use Calgel and it's amazing. I couldn't get round to getting them done last month so they were on for about 6 weeks and no chips or anything! She should try Calgel xx

  3. Shellac is great, but she might be better suited for a hard gel product instead of the liquid ones like Gelish. I love Shellac and I've also never had problems with Gelish but hard gels like calgel or brisa gels might be more suitable until her nails heal.

    I go to a fantastic nail place in St Paul's if she needs a recommendation!


  4. Hi Sara,

    Please let me know the place in St Paul's; she works near there!

    Kathrine x

  5. i tried gelish on my weak as hell nails and it last and last :) i found that using the gelish structure gel before applying the color is a way to strengthen the nail...the structure gel is there for those of us that have weak thin fragile peeling nails...i think alot of the bad experiences are from inexperienced nail techs...i apply the polish myself and it lasts...and im not a professional, but I have the products at home...i also agree..the color hole on the bottle isn't big enough to see what it looks like :( they aught to change that