27 September 2011

Max Factor Elixir lipsticks

Launched a few weeks ago with much fanfare (I love that word), the new Max Factor Elixir lipsticks combine colour and staying power with a unique blend of antioxidants and conditioners to improve the condition of your lips (in seven days, apparently).  I was given seven of the fifteen available shades to try and set a challenge to wear all of them, one every day for a week.  Before that though, I swatched them all for you.
From top: Mulberry, Burnt Caramel, Ruby Tuesday, Bewitching Coral, English Rose, Pink Brandy and Angel Pink.  Just from the tube I predicted that Ruby Tuesday and Bewitching Coral would be favourites...so let's see how they looked, shall we?

Day 1: Ruby Tuesday
This was the one I pulled out the bag first.  It's true love.  It's a classic red that pulls slightly pink on my skin, and I have worn it multiple times since I got it.  It's bright and punchy and lasts really well - I can get about 4 hours out of this without really needing to re-apply, which is highly impressive.

Day 2: Bewitching Coral
Again, this one pulls pink on me, almost fuschia.  I decided to go slightly matchy matchy with the pink in my jumper that day to, I think, good effect.  I love this colour almost as much as Ruby Tuesday and despite it being a classically 'summer' colour, I will happily slap it on all throughout the winter months as I'm too impatient to wait for summer to come round again.

Day 3: Burnt Caramel
I don't think I'm the first one to say this but...Hello, the 90's called, it wants its look back.  Burnt Caramel is a very brown, flat nude that personally I don't like.  I also find it drying, which is odd because I don't get that with the other colours.  I felt old wearing this and don't think it flatters me at all; I imagine though on darker skins this could potentially be beautiful.

Day 4: Pink Brandy
Pink Brandy is make up artist Caroline Barnes' pick of the bunch, and it looked beautiful on her at the launch event.  I initially thought it might be a bit boring but it's actually a really lovely, quite bright pink, leaning slightly towards the coral.  I've tried to show it in day and evening light so you can see the change in colour; it's pretty versatile and this has wormed its way into my day-to-day make up bag as it's so easy to wear.

Day 5: English Rose
If somebody could explain to me who under the age of 86 still wears (and enjoys) the frosted lipstick, I'd be grateful, so that then I can ask them WHY.  Honestly, this range of lipsticks has some absolute gems in it, and then they go and throw in one or two (just wait for the next one) total shockers.  English Rose is a bubblegum frosted pink that just...no.  No.  Good bye please.

Day 6: Angel Pink
Couldn't even crack a smile for my photo with this one.  Such a difficult colour and finish to wear, Angel Pink is a lilac-toned baby pink, again, frosted for maximum effect.  I couldn't even bring myself to wear this one out of the house I'm afraid.  Such a shame that this and English Rose weren't produced with a cream finish, because then they could have worked really nicely.

Day 7: Mulberry
Last but not least, Mulberry.  I actually avoided this one all week because I thought it would be far too dark and Gothic for me; I'm completely comfortable with obnoxiously bright colours but I don't fare well with anything too dark, but I'm completely converted with Mulberry.  It's a lovely, lovely wine colour that can be applied lightly for a stained look or full on, as I've done.  My friend captured me wittering away about it as she was taking the pictures, so I've left it in as visual proof of how much I love this colour.

Overall, I genuinely think these Max Factor Elixir lipsticks are rather brilliant; they're incredibly moisturising and long-lasting and there are some stunning colours in the range.  I must get my hands on Chilli next.  But get thee from my house, Frosts!  Stick to the creamy shades and you'll be delighted with them.  And that, my friends, is a Pixie Promise.


  1. I love your grumpy Angel Pink face. Mulberry looks awesome on you, as does Ruby Tuesday. Jealous!

  2. Love that grumpy Angel face! Thanks for the twitter enabling love my Firefly and Chilli. x

  3. "If somebody could explain to me who under the age of 86 still wears (and enjoys) the frosted lipstick, I'd be grateful, so that then I can ask them WHY"

    Awesome! Laughing like a looney reading this - and the 'angel face' was just the cherry on top of the cake!

  4. Your face with Angel Pink. LOVE it. I do like the Mulberry on you though.

  5. Ha ha haaa!!! That full face picture of your wearing Angel Pink is hysterical. I really do think I love you :D. I agree with Grace, you wear Mulberry very well.

  6. Thank you ladies for your enjoyment and support of Angelgate 2011 :)

    Here to please x

  7. Pink Brandy is my fav, it looks lovely on you ♥

  8. This is such a great post, I loved reading it! :) My favourite would have to be Mulberry, it's just the perfect color for going out or for the colder months that are coming up soon <3