20 September 2011

OPI duo nails

Sometimes one polish just isn't enough.  I hate to use the term 'accent nail' but I'm going to.  Barefoot in Barcelona is one of my favourite nude polishes, and whilst rooting around my Mum's collection of nail polish, found this other one, Mediterranean Moonlight, so thought I'd wear them together.
I quite like the look...it's a good way of getting more use out of the THOUSANDS of colours I have plus it's fun working out what colours would look good together.  Inspirations always welcome!
Also, don't forget to enter the Trilogy giveaway: you have until the end of the month!

1 comment:

  1. Barefoot in Barcelona is one of my faves. These two look great together. I hate the term accent nail too, but I guess sometimes we have to give into it! xxx