8 September 2011

Sephora lipstick No.9

A few weeks ago I ran away to Paris for three beautiful days with two beautiful friends.  Of course it would have been highly rude of me to not worship at the altar of Sephora whilst I was there, so we spent a thrilling hour weaving our way in and out of the myriad aisles, swatching and spritzing and glossing with glee.  Somehow, I only made one purchase, but I am thrilled with it.
It's one of their own-brand lipsticks, of which there are HUNDREDS of shades to choose from.  I went for an obnoxiously bright cherry red shade, which I think is shade number 9.  It was 9 Euros though, I do remember that.  It's incredibly pigmented and long-lasting, but in being so is also ever so slightly drying, so make sure lips are fully prepped prior to application.

Welcome to the world's worst picture.  BUT this is the truest representation of the shade I could capture.
Obviously this is with the flash, but without the flash, in indoor lighting at night, the look is softened considerably.

And then I got bored, and drew myself a little (wonky) moustache with my Mac Smolder liner.  As you do.
And then my sister got involved...
And then I ended up looking like this.

Sometimes a great red lipstick just isn't enough, you know?


  1. haha this is awesome! i love the banter between family! the colour is truly stunning though. i love sephora xx