28 October 2011

A Now For Something Completely Different....

As I don't have reliable Internet access until Tuesday (providing the Broadband stars and moons align, that is) and uploading pictures is both tedious and nightmare-ish, let's have something different today.  I saw this little questionnaire on Fee's blog and decided to do my own one.

1. Mood: Tired and emotional*
2. If you could dine (for free) anywhere in the world tonight, where would it be?  The French Laundry in California
3. Do you have any siblings? Yes: my little sister is several shades of amaze
4. If your pets could talk, what would they say about you? I don't have any pets :(
5. Which one do you follow most often, your heart or your head? My heart.  How can you not?

6. What are three songs on your road trip playlist? Twisted - Skunk Anansie.  Headlock - Imogen Heap.  Witness - Roots Manuva
7. Would you consider yourself renowned or famous for anything in particular? I don't think so.  When I was at school I used to be known for NEVER wearing flat shoes (I spent my formative years in nothing less than 4 inches) but since I have grown old and wise I can barely be coaxed out of my slippers for more than 5 minutes.

8. Your favorite place for dessert? Not a dessert fan so I select cheese, and my favourite place to eat cheese is at my beautiful friend Jules' house, preferably with my other beautiful friend Laura to join us and eat the brie.
9. Scariest movie you’ve ever seen? Hmm...Audition.  Japanese.  Don't go there unless you dare.
10. Weekly goals:  To stop putting myself in tired and emotional* states most days of the week.  So far, not working out so well for me.

*Hungover to buggery

Please feel free to replicate this and if you do, link me up good and proper. 

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  1. I used to love Skunk Anansie! You've just reminded me that I need to listen to them again.

    Hope the hangover gets better x :D