26 November 2011

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex

Continuing the Alpha-H love-in on this blog, let me introduce you to the Absolute Eye Complex.  I was on the lookout for a new eye treatment and specifically wanted a gel rather than a cream.  I'm 27 and so whilst fully on the anti-ageing train in terms of looking after my skin, don't particularly feel like I need anything too rich or heavy at this stage.

I love how light this gel is, both in texture and feel on the skin.  It can be used both in the morning and the evening but I prefer to only use it in the morning.  It has, I think, a definite tightening effect on the skin; not uncomfortable at all, but lovely and cooling and good for puffy peepers after a late night.  I can't say it's eradicated any fine lines I have (and I do have a few) but it absolutely reduces my bags and helps to make my eyes look bright and open.
I've been using the Absolute Eye Complex for around three months now, every day, and am just about to run out.  You only need a tiny amount so I think it's very good value for money.  My only slight gripe is that you need to give it 5-10 minutes to properly sink it before applying make up as I find it can be a little sticky and your base will adhere to it.  Other than that, no complaints at all.  I will be ordering it again, immediately.  Now I just need to find a good eye cream to use at night, so any suggestions, please let me know.
PR sample

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  1. I have this too and love it. The Anti Ageing Eye & Lip cream is lovely for night time. It's richer and more moisturising, though I do love the gel for mornings, esp straight from the fridge!