18 November 2011

Birthday Suit

I don't remember why but I went into Boots one lunchtime very much in need of a little pick-me-up.  Even better, I had amassed quite a lot of Advantage Card Points and so this little pick-me-up came at a cost of big fat zero to me, which is even sweeter.  I don't often buy Benefit make up; I think their price points are insanely high for what are, mostly, average products.  Yes the packaging is nice but ultimately I feel like that's what you're paying for, and personally I'd rather pay for the goods than the wrapping. 

That said, I'm quite taken with their Creaseless Cream Shadows, and on this occasion I selected the Birthday Suit shade.  These products are cream (duh) eyeshadows which can be used either on their own or under powder shadows, and, also as their name suggests, they are supposed to not crease.
Birthday Suit is a champagne colour, just your absolute basic neutral shade.  Very pretty though, and something I get a lot of wear out of.  It applies nicely, but I imagine this will dry out within maybe five months of use; I've been using mine for about a month and a half and already I can feel the consistency hardening slightly.
In terms of creasing, or not creasing, these perfom well.  Definitely better than Mac Paint Pots, but not as well as UDPP or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  For £14...I'm not sure.  I think perhaps I like this more than I normally would because I didn't actually pay for it.  If I had, I think I'd just be a little underwhelmed by it.  However I do have my beady, creaseless eye on Skinny Jeans, so maybe I'm a fan after all.

Have you tried these shadows?  What do you think and what colours would you recommend?

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