21 November 2011

Hot Lips

I think we all know by now, and if not DO pay attention in the back, that I love me a bright lipstick.  LOVE.  My latest acquisition is this cheeky little number from 17, rather fetchingly named Hot Chilli.  And hot it sure is.  It's one of their Lasting Fix lipsticks, which usually strikes fear in the heart of anyone with so much as an atom of dry skin on their lips, but the formula of this is surprisingly creamy and moisturising.
It's a great shade, definitely on the orange end of the red spectrum and immensely flattering (I hope).   I've been wearing this a fair bit since I got it recently and it has quickly become one of my favourites.  A total winner in my book, and I love that it was only £4.29.  Get it please.

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