30 November 2011

Klorane Cornflower Eye Make Up Remover

Klorane, if you've heard of it at all, seems to always be associated with their cult Oatmilk Dry Shampoo, so I was interested to try this make up remover when I was sent it (along with the dry shampoo, of which more another time).  Until then, I didn't know they did anything other than hair care products.  The Cornflower Eye Make Up Remover Lotion, to give it its full name, is packaged nicely, in a deep blue plastic bottle, and the lotion itself it a nice blue shade.  See?
Coming to a product with absolutely no preconceptions or expectations is actually really nice, and increasingly rare in this over-saturated world of beauty media we live in.  I have been using this for about four weeks now and I'm really impressed.  As I have often mentioned, I am obsessed with the Botanics Soothing Eye Make Up Remover, but haven't repurchased it for ages because I've been working my way through the gallons of Bioderma I (regretfully) purchased over the summer.   

Anyway, the Klorane remover has the consistency of water; no apparent oiliness so at first I was sceptical it would deal with my eye make up sufficiently but it does a great job of removing everything.  It does require 2-3 cotton pads per eye, depending on how much I'm wearing, but I've yet to find a remover* that is better in that respect. 

This remover is designed for sensitive skins, and even singles out contact lens wearers in the press info as ideal users, so that should indicate how gentle it is, and I have to agree.  Not once has this irritated my eyes or the surrounding area, and it doesn't leave any redness whatsoever.
It's also paraben-free with a, supposedly, pH balance identical to that of tears (maybe I could just cry my make up off, instead?) so if sensitivity is an issue for you with your skin, I highly recommend investigating this product.  The other thing that surprised me was the price.  I think I expected it to be somewhere around the £10-£12 mark, don't ask me why, and if it was, I would say don't bother.  But it's more like the £5 mark, as you'll find here.  I'm very interested in trying the rest of the skincare from Klorane and will without a doubt be repurchasing this when I've used it up.  I like having happy eyes.
PR sample

*Actually that's not strictly true.  Years ago I was given a Molton Brown gift set that included a f-a-bu-lous eye make up remover that was quite oily but so, so brilliant.  Never found it again so any ideas, PLEASE let me know.  I think about it all** the time.
***Ok I only remembered it when I was writing this post but still. WANT.

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