28 November 2011

New Hair

So after months...YEARS...of growing my hair out, avoiding hairdressers, 'treating it' by simply chucking half a bottle of conditioner on it every other day and generally just leaving it to look, well...see above, I decided it was high time to deal with my barnet and get it cut into a good, proper style that would actually look half decent rather than looking like I'd just ignored the problem.  Again, see above.  So tonight, I bit the bullet and I did just that.
Scared in the chair.  I went to Rush, to a branch near my house.  I booked over the phone and got the 50% discount that always seems to be available.  The lovely man who cut my hair was called James.  He sung as he worked, brought me wine and made me laugh.  I think I may have, finally, found The One.  Anyway, I asked for just your standard 'long bob' with a definite graduation and some layers at the back to give it shape.  And mercifully, he listened.
It definitely feels weird and cold and bizarre to no longer have a blanket of hair cascading over my shoulders, but it also feels SO, SO nice to have healthy, PROPER hair again.  It's been a long time.
So thank you, James.  You've made a Cousin It a very happy girl.


  1. oooh it looks so good, I've been growinh my hair too but I miss my bob so I think I'm going to go for the chop too. Just not too short!

  2. It looks lovely, really swingy and healthy too.

  3. This is seriously cute hair. Great job! Are you used to the feel of it yet? How is it to style?

  4. It looks fab! I love this style of bob.

  5. @dempss01 Thank you! It feels so light and swingy and weird (plus cold on my neck) but it also feels completely normal, so I know I've made the right decision.

    Styling is so easy. 3 minute blast with the hairdryer, very quick tong on the ends to give it a bit of shape, and I'm done. Makes a change from the 20 minutes battle it had become! x

  6. Really does look good! Well done for taking the plunge!