10 November 2011

Diego Dalla Palma

Recently launched in the UK (we'll talk about where later), Diego Dalla Palma is the make up line of the make up artist of the same name, from Milan.  Already well established in Italy, it enjoys the same fan-girl levels as Mac does here, and, as well as the 250 or so strong permanent line, they release seasonal limited edition items that are well sought after.  I was sent three items from the line to try, and I must give props here to Heather, their lovely PR, who asked me if there was anything in the line in particular I wanted to try, and actually sent me the exact items and SHADES I asked for.  Believe me, that is a rarity so I very much appreciate the attention to detail.
I have the Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black, an eyeshadow in 62 Aubergine and a lipstick in 31.  The packaging is lovely; everything feels nicely weighty for a high street brand, and I particularly love that the eyeshadow compact has a mirror in the lid. 
Starting with the eye pencil, it's soft and applies easily but it's not the blackest of blacks I've tried.  For that, you'd be better off with the Avon Supershock Gel Liner.  As you can see from the above swatches, it blends out nicely to give a smoky line which I like. It definitely has good staying power and it doesn't really smudge once applied.  It lasted about 4.5 hours on my waterline which I think is pretty good.  Priced at £13 though, I think you can get a lot better out there for your money.  A nice item, but absolutely not an essential.   The eyeshadow on the other hand, I might just be a little bit in love with.
It's a beautiful deep purple shade shot through with opalescent shimmer, but not chunky particles of it.  It's lovely and smooth and really well pigmented.
Above, without flash.  Below, with flash.
I've been wearing this really simply, just all over the lid with the eyeliner in addition, and I can't get enough of it.  I have green eyes and purple always compliments them nicely.
It's a beautiful colour that can be worn sheerly or really packed on for a dramatic, smoky eye.  I adore it and think for £14, it's a good buy.  You just don't get colours like this (particularly purples) on the high street for the same quality.

Finally, the lipstick.  You know how much I love my reds, and this is an entirely welcome addition to the party.
The shade 31 is your absolute classic pillar-box red and I LOVE it.  Formula-wise, it's moisturing and leaves a nice sheen on the lips.  It contains vitamin E for added hydration, and, although it definitely fades after a few hours wear, doesn't leave the dreaded 'ring of truth' around the outside as it fades.

Again, this is priced at £14 which I'd say is about £3 more than it really should be.  Mac and similar brands make absolutely equal lipsticks so I think £14 is a little pricey.

Finally, where you can buy it in the UK.  Bearing in mind the price points on these items, and the look, etc., you could be forgiven for expecting me to direct you to Selfridges, or even Liberty (where I actually think the brand would nestle nicely in their lovely Beauty Hall) but instead, I shall Direct (geddit?) you to Tesco.  Yes, to Tesco, grocery behemoth and increasing contender in the beauty market with their newly launched Beauty Halls.  For that is where you shall find Diego Dalla Palma and his myriad wares (well, not actually him.  That would be weird).

I just don't really understand why they've chosen to launch with Tesco.  I mean obviously I understand the audience reach but the price point doesn't tally with the other beauty brands they carry, and even amongst the other slightly higher end brands they'll be carrying in the Beauty Halls, I think this is a bit of an odd inclusion.  It just seems a shame that such a sleek line will be jostling for attention amongst the turnips and the washing liquid because actually I think it deserves a much better home than that.


  1. I love the font on the packaging and the white lipstick casing. It looks like a lovely new brand, I agree with you I kind of wish it had gone into Boots rather than Tesco's, it doesn't seem to fit somehow!

  2. I agree! doesn't seem to sit quite right in the aisles of Tescos... or perhaps this is the first step in Tescos bumping up it's image...?