20 November 2011

Today I Have....

Been for a run - first time in forever and I didn't a) go blind b) lose my lungs through my mouth c) trip over my own feet.  I consider it a successful outing.
Bought this set of base and top coat by Nails Inc from Boots (it was about £8 and on first use, I am highly impressed).
Used up this lovely cleanser from Trilogy, which I've been using with my Konjac Sponge.
Acquired this Models Own lipgloss in Pure Plum which is currently available, along with three other colours, for free with the purchase of Diet Coke in Boots.  Love the colour, but it's sticky and gooey and smells like plastic.  BOO.
Whacked on the woolies, watched the Girl With...  trilogy of films (so good and totally do the books justice) and painted my nails - Models Own Nude Beige is still my favourite polish of all time.
Continued a now 24 hour long PERV over pictures of Harry Judd.  I feel I need him in my life.  He'd love me.

What have you been up to today?


  1. I went for a run too today! I haven't been since August and I was pleased I managed to run the whole 1.7 mile lap of the village! I can't live without the Nails Inc Caviar base and top coats! Looks like you had a lovely Sunday!

  2. Haha that is EXACTLY how I determine the success of my running, whenever I manage to get off the sofa and go on one! That and the number of new facial bruises caused by my boobs bouncing around despite 2 sports bras :s